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Track: Bodyache (LIONE Remix) | Artist: Purity Ring


Following his massive debut-remix release of Jack Ü x Ember Island's Where Are Ü Now, Los-Angeles based producer LIONE impresses fans yet again with his latest future bass remix of Purity Ring's Bodyache!

Originating from Alberta, Canada, the future pop duo Purity Ring have certainly been making waves in the electronic music scene this past year. Now almost a year after their initial release of Bodyache (from their album Another Eternity), LIONE brings the track into an entirely new light; morphing the original into a futuristic and high energy beat that will send some seriously positive shivers down your body. LIONE's remix has it all: the beautiful vocals of the original surrounded by a stunning soundscape of colorful pads, melodies, and arpeggios that will transport you to an uplifting and euphoric place. And if that wasn't enough for you, just wait for the drop!

Check out both LIONE & Purity Ring at their social spots below and be sure to cop the free download of LIONE's uplifting remix of Bodyache here!


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