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Track: DNA | Artist: Lovespeake


Dominated by the shimmering sounds of 80's synth-pop, Lovespeake are putting the coastal country of Norway back on the map with their latest single DNA; an infectious tune that combines effervescent analog synth with vocal-laden guitar riffs to get you seeing the sunshine in the belly of Winter's beast!

"Lovespeake delves into tight & groovy landscapes, crafting a mix of classic 70s & 80s beats and sounds, inspired by love songs from the 60s and dance gospel from the 90s. "

Released well ahead of the promised spring debut album of the same name, DNA sees Lovespeake (formerly known as Eye Emma Jedi) approach their new aesthetic with a restored sense of musicality. While Eye Emma Jedi stitched together indie rock tonalities similar to Beatforest favourite Satellite Stories, the newly formed six-piece are in full-fledged throwback mode. Their latest sound is like something you'd hear in the original Footloose soundtrack, serving as a time capsule of 'fresh-to-death' euphonics that sparkle like the roller discos of the 90's!

(Photo Credit: Olav Stubberud)

DNA welcomes in a shift of sound from once post-punk rock to a refined style of feel good pop. Led by euphoric guitar progressions that splash into a cocktail of chanting harmonies and 'burst-at-the-seams' synth, Lovespeake are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the year ahead! Check out Lovespeake at their social spots below and be sure to listen to DNA at your favourite listening app here!

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