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Topped with lush acoustic textures and vocal-soaked harmonies, Chicago-based musician Cobey Bienert composes a multi-instrumental masterpiece with his self-titled EP Bienart!

The singer-songwriter has been incredibly busy this past year, touring the heart of Chicago's underground music scene and unleashing his latest six-track EP for the world to hear. His upbeat blend of sun-drenched guitar licks, analog synth, and surf-pop percussion bring to mind the warm summer days enjoyed at the cottage; waking up, making waffles, and feeling wholeheartedly satisfied to be alive in such a beautiful setting with such beautiful music.

While the the EP is gaining some much deserved traction with Surgeon (the first single from the release), every single track from Beinart has the potential for success. My two personal favourites are Find A Way & Intricate Design; both carrying a chilled-out vibe and progressive melody which intensifies with each instrument added and each vocal hook sung. Reminiscent of Chris Staples and Blind Pilot, it's no wonder that Bienart is already a staple in The Beatforest's collection of folk-pop musicians!

For more from Bienart, check out his social spots below! Also, be sure to grab the free download of Surgeon from his Soundcloud page while you still can here!

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