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Track: Leviathan | Artist: CLAVVS


It's difficult to compare the hypnotic and ambient soundscape of CLAVVS' newest single Leviathan to any other. Originating from Atlanta, the synthpop duo has developed a unique and captivating sound since their formation, exemplified by this new release.

CLAVVS' (Spelt with two V's not a W) formed when members Amber Renee and Graham Marsh met at a house party in 2013. The two immediately realized "their shared love for hip-hop, Harry Potter, and Radiohead," says Amber, "a love which would ultimately evolve into CLAVVS." Since that time, Amber has lead the group with her powerful vocals and lyrics, while Graham, a four-time Grammy award winner, offers his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. While their first album, Feel It All could definitely be categorized as more of a pop or alternative rock album, the duo's latest releases cater to a more progressive, experimental, and indie fanbase. Leviathan, a tune "detailing an internal tempest," is filled with a beautiful array of ambient textures (including everything from sampled recordings of seagulls to luscious pads and 'trippy' guitar sounds), accompanied by a wide array of instrumentation and, of course, Amber's gorgeously haunting vocals.

(Photo Credit: Leah Roth Photography)

Listen to Leviathan on Soundcloud here and enjoy some quality chilled-out and progressive sounds from this talented duo. Also, be sure to follow CLAVVS on their socials to stay up-to-date on their upcoming album release, halfblood, set to hit iTunes in early 2016.


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