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Track: Without You | Artist: Caius


We all react differently to break-ups. Some go to the bar, others begin obsessively texting their ex; Caius creates amazing music. Without You is the fourth single from the popular Danish producer and is "dedicated to a girl who left him," says Caius on his socials. As a result, Without You is filled with all sorts of "feels."

20 year old bedroom producer Caius has brought some major soul, disco, and rnb sounds to the indie electronic music scene in the past year. With two of his initial releases landing in the top 10 on HypeMachine, Caius presents a range of mellow synths, funky guitars, and soulful vocal samples in each of his irresistable beats. The Copenhagen-based artist says that he especially likes to bring a "vintage" feel to his tunes, a concept that is definitely apparent in Without You. Listen to the warm sounds of vinyl static sampled throughout the track, as well as Caius' groovy basslines and high sustaining strings and you might even think you're listening to a 1970's disco record (Caius' previous release, Things Gonna Be Okay seriously makes me want to break out my paisley and disco ball)!

Check out Without You on Soundcloud here and help Caius get over his recent break-up by showing some love on his socials. While you're at it, grab Without You from ToneDen for free here!

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