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Steeped in a folk-infused blend of pensive lyrics, charming plucked strings, and soothing percussion, James Hoffman's To Hear You Again is the perfect embodiment of what Ontario's folk music sounds like: eccentric, independent, and ruggedly robust.

"Fault Lines is about the interruptions in life that allow us to reflect on who we are and what matters most. With every loss comes an opportunity to find something, learn something; to grow."

While originally from Portland, Oregon, it's clear that Hoffman's buttery style creates a unique harmony with the diverse music scene found in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Recorded in collaboration with Scott Orr & Glen Watkinson via Hamilton record label Other Songs Music Co., To Hear You Again is a semi-sweet snippet of lullaby folk permeated by Hoffman's rustic vocals. The track is just one of 11 songs from Hoffman's sophomore album Fault Lines, sharing space with his conversation duet Only The Hills and a personal favourite In Darkness. Each song from the album has a lively, yet mature compositon, echoing three parts Gregory Alan Isakov, two parts Shakey Graves, and one part Bahamas.

Other Songs Music Co. is "a Canadian, independent, community-driven record label ... dedicated to supporting musicians in the art of making records." Their collective approach to promoting music can be felt not only in Hoffman's Fault Lines, but in the eight other artists currently in recording at the studio.

Check out both James Hoffman & OSMC at their respective social spots below and be sure to grab the entire Fault Lines LP at OSMC's Bandcamp page here!

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