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Track: Kicking You Out | Artist: Merival


Capturing the angelic purity of acoustic folk with straightforward lyricism of a girl fed-up, Merival puts forth Kicking You Out, the second single from her upcoming EP Lovers.

Merival (aka. Anna Horvath) is handing us a feather of vulnerability with her latest EP. A year and a half in the making and officially set to premiere on January 29th, Lovers is a reflection on romantic idealism; a glimpse into the reality of emotional discomfort and how one blossoms from the wilt of a tender heart. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, the singer-songwriter goes above and beyond the common notion of musical harmony. As a solo artist, it's often a challenge to produce a sound with enough octave that two-, three-, and four-piece vocalists often achieve. However, with just one listen to Kicking You Out, it's clear that Merival is just as proficient with harmony as she is with songwriting.

"I wrote 'Kicking You Out' ... about someone I'd been in love with for 2 years already. I'd never lived with him so I took some artistic liberties there; the idea of kicking him out was more of a premonition I had, that I would carry him with me for years and years after the fact and would need to be continually kicking him out of my mind. So far it's held true."

Reminiscent of Agnes Obel's hauntingly-lucid harmonies overlaid by the soft and pulsing rhythm behind Feist's most intimate tracks, Kicking You Out showcases the acoustic-heights Merival is capable of. Be sure to watch for Lovers dropping this Friday (January 29th) and grab your copy of Kicking You Out for free/paid download via Bandcamp here!

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