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Track: Wake Up | Artist: Camp Candle


Like a phoenix born out of the ashes, Camp Candle rise from the vapours of Niki & The Dove's theoretical pipe with their earth shattering anthem Wake Up!

Toting a mantra like "Sticks and Stones Can't Break the Funk", it's no wonder that Camp Candle are one of our new favourite electro-pop duos. Composed of Briana "Hetepsa" Mills and Mark "Nu Ra" Cave, the Philadelphia pair create smooth, powerful beats ready to transport you to the next golden age in music. Wake Up, the fourth single from Camp Candle, delivers massive synths, rumbling bass, and unparalleled vocals. Hetepsa's enchanted and inspiring warble pairs incredibly well with Nu Ra's echoing instrumentals, injecting itself into whatever space it can and filling the void with infectious melodies and sub-bass signatures one can't help but love!

Be sure to check out the lyric video for Wake Up below and follow Camp Candle at their social spots for updates on the forthcoming EP! While you're at it, cop the free download of Wake Up at their Soundcloud page here!

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