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Track: Nature ft. Johanna | Artist: Tupal


Based in Paris, France, composer and producer Tupal recently teamed up with vocalist Johanna to provide listeners with a beautiful and imaginative soundscape in Nature.

Tupal's experience as a composer is certainly made apparent with this release, as Nature is composed of a sophosticated arrangement blending acoustic sounds and unique samples. The tune could certainly be considered downtempo, chill, synthpop, or maybe even slightly nufolk, but it might be best to conclude that it's very much an indie and experimental track. Tupal's use of complextro-like rhythmic sampling provides the foundation for the track, contrasted with more 'folksy' sections containing Johanna's beautiful breathy vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar and mellow synths. Despite the rather complex sampling and textures throughout, Nature is a creative and ambient tune that's perfect for a relaxing evening by the fire.

Listen to and download Nature by Tupal featuring Johanna on Soundcloud here and enjoy the positive vibes coming from this talented Parisian's studio!

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