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Track: Vanilla Ways | Artist: Matthew Chaim


Keeping the ill in vanilla, Montreal-native Matthew Chaim drops in with his latest R&B track Vanilla Ways; a vocal-based take on a modern rap beat, freckled with soulful inflections that give the track a contemporary finish.

As the debut release from Montreal label JUS POP, Vanilla Ways is set to bring a new balance to the rap game. Beginning with an atmospheric ambiance quickly joined by Chaim's buttery vocals, the track moves into subtle trap territory and soothes it's listener into a deep hypnotic state. While Vanilla Ways has a somewhat dystopian feel due to the incredibly downtempo beat, Chaim ensures his listener is fully satisfied by entwining fervent lyrics into the powerful, emotional ballad.

Trailing after two successful singles from Chaim (Now I Do & Work Late), Vanilla Ways sees producer's Noah Barer, Cavewerk, and Francis Duchesne put their artistic spin on the new single. Check out Matthew Chaim at his social spots below and be sure to throw some ❤️ to Vanilla Ways on Hype Machine here!

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