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Track: Echo (Stop Thief Remix) | Artist: Cut Snake


"Stop, thief!"

Well, likely you're not a thief, but definitely stop and listen to this high energy remix by Stop Thief of Cut Snake's track Echo. Filled with uplifting vibes, lively vocal editing, and a massive trap beat, this track is certain to 'steal' your attention!

After discovering the acapellas for Cut Snake's Echo available online (no, they didn't steal them), the Boston-based duo Stop Thief worked their magic by turning the darker, somber mood of the original deep house tune into an upbeat headbobbing track; all while bringing the vocals into a completely new light. Though they've only been making music for three years, Stop Thief already has a distinct sound developing. Their remix of Echo best represents this, as their combination of trap and hip-hop elements mixed together with a four-on-the-floor progressive house feel provides the perfect blend of all of these hit genres. "We like to mix the hip-hop drum vibes of trap with anything else really," says Stop Thief, "We definitely want to keep this style going. For now, we're trying to establish a sound and go from there."

Listen to Stop Thief's remix of Echo by Cut Snake on Soundcloud here. While Soundcloud is their only social at the moment, be sure to show your support and follow this talented duo below, as we're confident their future releases will continue to impress!

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