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Track: syrup | Artist: GOLDWATER


There must be something in the water in his part of Canada, because Goldwater’s productions are nothing less than pure gold. The producer's recent release of syrup is yet again another fresh sounding original from this talented music maker.

“[I’m] in your backyard making beats on my calculator,” says 18 year old Goldwater on Twitter. Comparing his DAW to a calculator might be correct, as Goldwater’s music is certainly complex - almost to the point of being mathematical. I mean that in the best possible way, of course, as Goldwater’s tunes are absolutely stunning; blending the best of rnb, future-bass, funk, jazz, downtempo, hip-hop, and 'complextro' all into one massive sound. Syrup is certainly a sweet addition to Goldwater’s already impressive discography, as his brilliant use of deep vocals, creative sampling, and the funkiest of retro synth sounds (accompanied by a hard hitting kick and sub) will have you immediately hooked!

In addition to his work as a solo producer, Goldwater is also a member of ZenSupremacy, a “forward thinking” record label, while serving as ⅙ of Pizza Cult, a collective of creative producers “feeding hungry ears.” Be sure to check out these other projects from Goldwater below after downloading your free copy of Syrup here!


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