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Track: Jynx (Prod. by Cannabliss) | Artist: Neru


Is that Lauryn Hill of The Fugees? Not quite, but Baltimore-based vocalist, rapper, and all-around talented artist Neru presents an inspiring sound in Jynx that will certainly remind you of the popular 90’s hip-hip group!

Neru and producer Cannabliss teamed up on Jynx to provide a track that brings together a bit of soul, rnb, hip-hop, chill sounds, and all around innovative songwriting and production work. Jynx consists of three distinct sections. Beginning and ending with a mellow hip-hop and soul vibe, Neru showcases her skills as a vocalist, as her beautiful lyrics float above the gorgeous minimalist rnb textures that Cannabliss brings to the track. “It was more a lucid dream vibe,” says Neru. Not only that, but the self-proclaimed ‘Fourth Fugee’ can rap. And when we say she can rap, we mean it! Neru’s serious rhythmic flow brings an amazing energy to the middle section of Jynx, making it a high-quality, must hear tune.

"My main goal as an artist is to be heard and impact as many people as I can. I live for this."

“My main goal as an artist is to be heard and impact as many people as I can,” says Neru, “I live for this, and I just want to enlighten others and help them become more aware.” We’re certainly impacted by Neru's sound and are confident that you will be too. You can listen to and download Jynx by Neru on her Soundcloud page here, as well as be sure to keep checking back as her upcoming EP, PsychOd3lic InsomniVc (also produced by Cannabliss), is set to drop in early 2016!

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