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Track: P.R.B.N.P. | Artist: Allen French


San Francisco native Allen French has been busy concocting hit after hit through his music label French Press Records, and it's clear that from every release thus far the recipe is working.

Dropping soon after the successful release of his debut single Rosie, Allen French delivers his latest track P.R.B.N.P.; a tune that is bringing feel-good music back to the forefront. The track combines an eclectic mix of fierce flute playing by Joe Berry with French's signature nylon-string guitar riffs. While it's purely instrumental, French ensures that the listener stays bewitched as he pumps captivating synth in-and-amongst the flute-ridden melodies. Pairing an infectious bassline with classic drum machine samples was also a good choice, as the series of loops, hits, and percussion follow an effortless path right into the ears of his listeners! Check out both Allen French and French Press Records at their social spots below and be sure to grab P.R.B.N.P. at iTunes here!

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