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Track: Needle In The Rug | Artist: Edwin


Layering vocals akin to Harry Nilsson with the rolling guitar strokes of Lord Huron & Bear's Den, singer-songwriter Edwin enthralls us with an uplifting blend of indie-folk merged with classic rock.

Needle In The Rug was born out of the depths of a run-down house in Chicago, Illinois. Created as a reminder of Edwin's accomplishments and soon after released as a symbol of resiliency to hardship, the track stands strong with a diverse set of sounds rolled into one. As you listen to the vocals dance behind a veil of reverberated synth, sun-drenched guitar, and piano riffs that will have you feeling nostalgic for days, it becomes clear that this artist has a knack for honouring the greats of the 20th century.

Currently associated with indie rock band The Hudson Branch, Edwin turns to the solo road with his debut EP You Know, Lady. Be sure to check out the four track EP below and follow his social spots for more sounds to come!

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