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Track: The Sway | Artist: Jessie Siren


Jessie Siren's debut original is nothing short of stunning. The talented Seattle-based singer-songwriter collaborates with electronic producer Steven Trueba to provide some major meditative vibes in her new hit track, The Sway.

Jessie Siren has been writing music since she was 9 years old. While growing up, she's continued to combine inspiration from her roots in poetry, herbology, meditation, and yoga into her music. The result? Gorgeous folk-pop, and acoustic tunes that, when combined with downtempo and deep electronic elements, will quickly place you into a meditative trance. The Sway provides a beautiful blend of both acoustic and electronic soundscapes while "the lyrics remind us that all we have is NOW," says Jessie.

"My mantra is inscribed into the verses to emphasize the meditative concept of becoming aware of our own rhythms and returning to the source."

Listen to The Sway and download the release for free in the Soundcloud player above. Be sure to follow Jessie Siren on her socials and website as well, as she has many new exciting releases and a tour planned in 2016!

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