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Track: Cali | Artist: NICKV.


In his latest release, NICKV. stands out among the rest with his bass-filled, chilled out beats. The tune, Cali, exemplifies the 17 year old producer's major talent as a melodic future bass artist.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, NICKV. has released some massive tunes in just a short time (and yes, he's really just 17!). Not only is Cali filled with creative and mellow future bass sounds, NICKV.'s skills as an arranger are also apparent throughout the three minute track. The constant creative shifts in texture, harmony, and melody keep us craving more as Cali comes to an end. No worries though, just another reason to hit repeat!

"I don't feel I have any genre constraints, but I am still very influenced by other electronic musicians."

Listen to and download Cali by NICKV. for free in the Soundcloud player above. Be sure to also check out other releases from NICKV. (Sunday Stroll is another one of our favorites) and follow him on his socials below for updates on upcoming releases.


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