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Premiere | Track: Bottle of Jack (Achtabahn Deep House Remix) | Artist: Mikey Wax


Hailing from New York City, singer-songwriter Mikey Wax receives a tasteful edit of his rock/pop single Bottle of Jack, courtesy of German deep house duo Achtabahn!

Released alongside the hit single You Lift Me Up from his 2014 self-titled album (out on Toucan Cove Records), Bottle Of Jack finds Mikey Wax using his arsenal of tenor harmonies and funky instrumentals to bring a new sound to the table. As a rising star in the pop music world, Mikey has been making waves with his Maroon Five similarities and commercial promotion spots (with features on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Dancing with the Stars, and SiriusXM's The Pulse). Whether it's the radio-ready anthems Mikey is known for, or his charming demeanor, it's clear that this up and coming artist is nothing short of spectacular.

Contrasting Mikey's falsetto timbre with deep, pulsating synth riffs, Achtabahn unleash their powerful remix of Bottle Of Jack as part of a six track remix EP. Alongside three other remixes, an acoustic version, and the radio edit, the Munich-based duo's deep house flip strikes similarities to Austrian twosome Wild Culture and fellow German pair Lakechild. Bringing up the tempo and laying down an upbeat disco bassline alongside four-on-the-floor beats, Achtabahn keep us feeling funky fresh just in time for the weekend!

Check out both Mikey Wax & Achtabahn at their social spots for more great beats and be sure to listen/buy the Bottle of Jack remix EP in the Soundcloud player below!

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