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Track: Good Girls | Artist: Bad Wave


Power-duo Bad Wave are back with their third single Good Girls; another indie pop masterpiece with a sound that even your parents will get down to!

Once more launched through LA/Miami record label 10K ISLANDS, Bad Wave's latest tune Good Girls finds its footing in the hard-hitting keytar and retro-nostalgia of 80's synth pop. Featuring soaring vocals from Tucker Tota and unparalleled production from Patrick Hart, the LA-based duo piece together their separate skills to put forth a polyphonic sound loaded with technicolour melodies and stellar rhythms. As a follow up to their successful single Runaway, Good Girls totes a somewhat sinister double-entendre behind its beat. While the instrumentals are seemingly feel good, there's something hidden behind the nostalgic falsetto Tota weaves into his lyrics about the end of days. Does that catchy chorus line have a double meaning behind it? One will never quite know.

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