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Track: Something Something Something | Artist: Nadia Nair


Is it soul, blues, or maybe alternative pop? Swedish singer-songwriter Nadia Nair's newest release Something Something Something isn't meant to be categorized or "placed into a box," as the artist says. Instead, listeners should focus on the music and resulting emotions, as the stunning and hypnotic mantra-like vocals and minimalist textures in this poetic release are truly euphoric.

Hailing from Sweden, Nadia Nair has worked two years on her upcoming 2016 album release and debut, Beautiful Poetry. The experimental album fuses together a stunning world of sound, poetry, mantras, and soulful vocals as Nadia Nair works to "crush borders" among genres and cultures with her music. Despite it's minimalistic textures containing just Nadia's vocals accompanied by an organ, this track is truly profound. Something Something Something is only an introduction to what fans have to look forward to in Beautiful Poetry.

"Dreaming of bringing people together with her music and making them truly tune into their emotions instead of questioning what category it fits into, 'Something Something Something’ is the perfect introduction into who Nadia Nair is as an artist."

Listen to Something Something Something, Nadia Nair's debut single from her upcoming album, in the Soundcloud player above. Be sure to also follow Nadia on her socials below for updates on the upcoming album release!

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