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Premiere | Track: Steady Trippin' (Akiyoshi Ehara Remix) | Artist: Ghost & the City


Get lost in breakbeat rhythms and trip-hop melodies from Akiyoshi Ehara's jazztronic remix of Ghost & the City's Steady Trippin'!

Straight off of Oakland duo Ghost & the City's January EP Patchwork Soul, Steady Trippin' takes its listener on an excursion through percussive soundscapes joined by jazzy horns, electronic breaks, and soul-shivering vocals. The track is accompanied by five other alt-R&B jams, each with their own unique, yet entirely relatable sound. Reminding us of a two-member incarnation of the popular Australian band Sorceress, Ghost & the City deliver an eclectic blend of genres to satisfy the cravings of music lovers across the globe.

Laying down an exotic flip on the original's downtempo atmosphere, Akiyoshi Ehara infuses elements of 2-step garage & chillwave into the mix to get your head bobbing and your booty bumping. While the original uses less synthwork and more organic instrumentals, Ehara manages to maintain the laidback quality of the track by weaving G&TC's anthemic vocals into each measure of the remix. The result is a stunning, future R&B tune jam-packed with both chill and danceable beats!

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