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Track: Not My Real Life | Artist: Polyenso


Featured as the third single from Polyenso's forthcoming sophomore album, Not My Real Life embodies the band's self-titled genre "urban indie progressive" - combining abstract hip hop with classic indie rock feels.

Host to ten mesmerizing tunes, each unmatched in production and sound design, Polyenso's LP Pure In The Plastic is about to take the world by storm. Set for release on April 1st, the ten-track album offers a stunning mix of organic percussion layered over guitar, piano, and experimental electronic timbres. Matched with heady vocal scapes, slick harmonies, and jazzy horn sampling, Polyenso deliver an eclectic mix of beats and energy to the ears of their fans. While the trio of multi-talented musicians (Alex Schultz, Brennan Taulbee, & Denny Agosto) draw inspiration from The Roots, Flying Lotus, and Bjork, their unique sound surmounts that of the aforementioned; finding focus "in a moment of transcendence, feeling as much a part of the future as it does the present".

Check out Polyenso at their socials below and be sure to pre-order Pure In The Plastic before it's April 1st release date here (all pre-orders receive an instant download of the single Let It Go, so order up y'all)!

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