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Track: Tightrope | Artist: Lovespeake


Colourful, upbeat, and loaded with disco goodness, Norwegian six-piece Lovespeake drop Tightrope into the blogosphere, triggering a tidal wave of feel good, synth-pop flavour with every beat!

Following their first single, the title-track from Lovespeake's debut album DNA (set for release April 22nd via Toothfairy Records), Tightrope surpasses our expectations with lush, pop-based melodies and breezy vocal runs. Equivalent to a cross between Little Dragon and Chromeo, the band's effervescent disposition places them high on our list of groups to watch for in the months ahead. Laced with nostalgic guitar licks, groovy disco-lines, and liquefied synths, Lovespeake showcase a sensational mix of retro-electronica that will have you dancing before you know it.

Repurposing the anthemic nature of their previous project Eye Emma Jedi, Lovespeake weave elements of dream pop, psychedelia, chillwave, and funk into their new sound. The result is infectious, memorable, and shimmering with summer synths reflective of what's sure to be feel good album of the year! Check out Lovespeake at their socials below and stream Tightrope at your favourite listening app here!

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