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Track: Snake Charmer ft. Hollywood Junkii | Artist: Allen French


Chock-full of electrifying synths, grimy hi-hats, and a mesmerizing horn section, Allen French sets the dancefloor ablaze with his latest single Snake Charmer; but as the grand funk master Bootsy Collins once said, "If the funk gets too hot for your rump, turn the other cheek baby!"

Teeming with unwavering creativity, Allen French hasn't taken a beat (figuratively) from music making since December. His label French Press Records has pumped out five top-notch singles in the past two months; three of which French has produced and two others from Bon Volta & Mt. Axel. As the third single on FPR, Snake Charmer serves up a guest heavy mix we haven't yet heard from the LA DJ/producer, demonstrating just how pliable the 'Allen French' brand can be.

Contributing an organic feel that plays along the synthesized section of the track, Joe Berry trumpets dynamic Indian horn elements into Snake Charmer. As we've heard on past releases from French (P.R.B.N.P. & Rosie), Berry's infectious horn playing is a groovy and enjoyable neighbour to the rhythmic house cadence of every beat. Alongside Joe Berry enters newcomer Hollywood Junkii, spouting idiosyncratic commentary similar to bounce MC Nicky Da B.

Be sure to check out Allen French's coastal rework of BVSC's Chan Chan below and cop the free downloads of both tracks in their respective Soundcloud players throughout this post!

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