• Oliver

Track: Mirage | Artist: Else


Do you ever hear a tune and all you can think of is summer? Well that's exactly what French electro duo Else want you to feel with their single Mirage!

As the title-track off of Else's debut EP, Mirage gives its listener full-body feels from start to finish. The Paris, France twosome carry a vibe similar to Louis The Child or ODESZA, loading us with four minutes of vocal-led sensations and jaunty, unwavering future beats. Doused in canorous basslines and glistening synthwork, the track literally shimmers like an illusion: one second the beat carries you away and in the blink of an eye you're back to where you started. But have no fear, along with Mirage come five other top notch singles ready to be consumed by the masses.

Peep Oceanside and Chemical Face below, grab the Mirage EP from iTunes in the Soundcloud player above, and be sure to follow both Else & L'ordre Collectif at their socials for more great beats to come!

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