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Track: Stroke My Hair | Artist: Tony Tokyo


Upping the tempo and layering a bouncy house beat over vocal samples from Amy Winehouse's Stronger Than Me, Tony Tokyo moves us in every direction with his latest dance track Stroke My Hair.

As an internationally recognized DJ whose previous work has seen support from the likes of Rinse FM, BBC Radio 1, and DJ Mag, it's no question as to why Tony Tokyo's latest jam is something of legend. Boasting a music catalog that features collaborations with Roska Kicks & Snares and Toddla T's Radio Show, the London producer puts his best foot forward in Stroke My Hair. Equipped with cheeky vocal loops and a seasoned amount of spirited hi-hats, Tokyo weaves his classic sound over Winehouse's steamy vocals. A playful synth-lead loops in the background, giving the track life while ensuring that the listener is four-on-the-floor deep in gyration. Listen to Tony Tokyo's latest remix of Ace of Base in the player below and check out his socials for other great beats!

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