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Track: Burn Baby Burn | Artist: Stevie Cliff


Instantly catchy with lyrics that pay ode to the technosexual endeavours of the 21st century, Irish singer-songwriter Stevie Cliff gives us a taste of summer in his latest indie pop jam Burn Baby Burn!

After living in New York City following a long stint in the Irish music circuit, Stevie Cliff found his sound. The Dublin-based producer started out as a singer-songwriter with a strong focus on the acoustic side of production and lyrical craftsmanship. As his interest in genres diverged and the singer made his trek to North America, Cliff's love for electronica made its way to the surface. Quickly influenced by the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Chromeo, Burn Baby Burn was born - giving us a taste of the euphonic sounds arising from this talented artist.

Upon first listen, it's clear that Cliff's feelgood pop hooks and relevant songwriting are undeniably upbeat. The track hooks its listener in right from the start with euphoric "do do do's" and staccato guitars riffs, allowing the listener to get fully immersed in this laid-back sound. Accompanied by an incredibly optimistic music video, Burn Baby Burn is your ticket into what's sure to be a lucrative music career for this rising star! Check out his socials below and be sure to watch the music video for Burn Baby Burn. You won't be dissapointed.

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