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Track: Like A New Love ft. Beady | Artist: Achtabahn


Salute the sun and brace yourself for summer's return with Achtabahn's latest deep house jam Like A New Love, accompanied by the fiercely talented Beady!

There's something about harmonica that always gets me. Maybe it's the rootsy, blues-filled melodies that come out of such a small instrument, or maybe it's the feel good energy apace with that slick house beat. Regardless of why, there's no denying that Achtabahn's latest original is here to greet the warm weather head on. Premiered over at The Bearded Man via Dutch record label Armada Music, Like A New Love fuses Beady's euphoric vocals with the Munich duo's deep house flavour. Feeling somewhat innocent from the start, Beady quickly wins us over with rhythmic emotion and scat-based riffs - picking up the tempo and leading the charge into a sound you will love! Check out Achtabahn at their socials below and buy/listen Like A New Love from your favourite music app here!

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