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Track: Stranger | Artist: Aerocity


American pianist, violinist, composer, and producer Aerocity (aka. Reece McMillin) transports listeners to a mystical soundscape with his neo-classical release Stranger!

As Stranger begins, the melodies quickly evoke a similar feel to James Newton-Howard (the intro reminiscent of the score to The Village) or Harry Gregson-Williams. However, about a minute into the track, the mood suddenly shifts and we are provided with a wonderful blend of both classical instrumentation accompanied by glitchy percussion, pads, and sound effects. As is a common denominator among the increasingly popular neoclassical genre, Aerocity arranges his piece to present a complete narrative (as is the case in classical music). Rather than the typical 'boxy' verse-chorus-verse-chorus arrangement of traditional pop or electronic music, Stranger transports us on a four minute journey of constantly shifting textures, harmonies, and melodies. Love what you hear? So do we.

So close your eyes and allow Aerocity's Stranger to capture your imagination. Oh - but before you do any of that - be sure to follow Aerocity at the socials below to stay up-to-date on his upcoming EP Isolationism!

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