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Track: Intertwine ft. Akhila Eechampati | Artist: Nifty Earth


Psychedelic delays, funky grooves, enchanting vocals, island guitar rhythms, and all around meditative vibes - that's how we'd best describe Nifty Earth's chilled out release Interwine.

Based in Athens, Georgia, Nifty Earth consists of members Joseph Thrash (Producer), Joey Tuholski (Drummer), Jose Moran (Saxophonist), and Megan Li (Violin), as well as featured vocalist Akhila Eechampati. The groovy ensemble presents some seriously uplifting and spiritual music in Intertwine (and throughout all of their releases) that will bring a peaceful mood to your day. As you listen, you'll likely be reminded of Thievery Corporation, Eccodek, or Shpongle, as Nifty Earth have a similar knack for fusing together world music instrumentation, textures, and rhythms with Western-inspired house, trip-hop, and electronic beats.

"Free your body, mind and soul. Music is the best medium we can use to express these beliefs."

Relax with Nifty Earth's release of Intertwine using the Soundcloud player above and download the tune for free while you're at it. Then be sure to follow the ensemble at their socials for tons of additional mantra music to fuel your inner yogi!

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