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Track: Saying Something ft. Rythm | Artist: Fango Jett


Producer Fango Jett and singer-songwriter Rythm heat things up with their collaboration Saying Something. The high energy tune combines Rythm's mellow pop and guitar riffs with some head-bopping future bass drops.

As part of the LA-based Clouds Collective, Fango Jett has an impressive disography of originals and remixes, especially for only being involved in the production scene for two years. In listening to Saying Something, it's apparent that this up-and-coming talent has major skill in combining low-key pop elements with the massive pads, drums, and bass associated with the future bass genre. That being said, if it were summer, Saying Something would be our new summer anthem. In the meantime, we appreciate the beach and club vibes these two Californians are sharing with the rest of us as we wait for the sun.

In addition to listening to Saying Something, be sure to check out Fango Jett and Rythm's other collaboration, Neon Future, available on Fango Jett's recent EP release Diamond Heights. We really love their sound and are definitely hoping for more collaborations from these two in the near future!

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