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Track: Republic Enemy #1 | Artist: The Palms


In a music scene dominated by DJs, it's refreshing to step back and get invested in the sounds, messages, and culture surrounding a band. The Palms indeed fall into this genre and their latest psychedelic pop release Republic Enemy #1 wins us over with electronic elements fused to acoustic instrumentals and rock n' roll vocals.

The Palms is made up of Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard. The duo formed in 2015, releasing their debut tune Push Off which quickly gained the top spot on Hype Machine's popular chart. As the fourth official single from the band, Republic Enemy #1 continues to impress with a creative and fully developed sound - an exciting accomplishment for such a "young" band.

The track begins with a serene ambiance that would almost make you believe you were about to dive into electronica. However, a collection of rock guitars, drums, and a distorted synth bass quickly change the mood, as an accompanying mass of pop vocals and harmonies soothe the ears with psychedelic vibes. We sincerely dig everything about this track, though we're especially enjoying the bands clever use of the harpsichord. The traditional Baroque instrument finds its way into the background of the tune, providing just the right rhythmic elements and timbre to make Republic Enemy #1 that much better.

"The song is more or less about the collective voice this generation has to shift the culture, independent of major corporations and big money. Somebody can share an idea or a creation from the confines of their bedroom and have it change the world. We're connected in ways unimaginable 20 years ago."

Listen to Republic Enemy #1 in the Soundcloud player above and tune in to other tracks from The Palms at their socials below. We have high hopes for these gents and are incredibly excited about what lays ahead!

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