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Track: I Am My Only Love | Artist: Baby Raptors


Causing quite the stir in the music community over the past few months, Baby Raptors has unleashed a sun-kissed music video in complement to her electro-pop, debut single I Am My Only Love.

Contrived from the embers of New York singer-songwriter TORA, the freshly incepted Baby Raptors throws us back to the 80's with a synth-pop foundation bearing modern, 21st century beats. As the first of two singles on the horizon from Baby Raptors, I Am My Only Love has received a boho-chic music video to personify its warm, breezy energy. Built around a flower-based, geometric theme resembling Coachella couture, the video follows TORA as she presents a dazzling display of movement that embodies the tracks atmospheric aesthetic.

Doused in simmering electronic textures carried by tambourine slaps and percussive kicks, I Am My Only Love moves its listener through a winding path of electro euphoria. As smoldering synthwork drives over guitar-driven backbeats, TORA belts an infectious chorus line reminiscent of Niki & The Dove that will have you humming along before you even know it! Check out Baby Raptors at her social spots below and be sure to stay tuned for the official release of I Am My Only Love dropping April 8th!

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