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Track: Run | Artist: Tourist


As the prequel to Tourist's forthcoming album 'U', Run is setting the stage for something wonderful. The entire album concentrates on an empowering narrative of falling in love for the first time, and the debut single from the LP depicts only a small chunk of that uplifting story.

Drenched in resounding vocal samples and a piano riff that builds momentum with every measure, Run is like the 90's house track you never knew existed. William Phillips (aka. Tourist) has been making a name for himself over the last five years with a string of EP's and singles too numerous to count. He is no new face to fame however, as his songwriting for Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes' Stay with Me won him a Grammy just last year. Based out of London, England and writing music that pays homage to the pathos in each beat, Phillips' is about to win over the entire world with his feel good tune, Run.

"I have zero interest in beats and scenes, I’m much more interested in stories. I feel as though this is the biggest lesson I learnt whilst writing this album, that I don’t write music to express myself but to enrich myself. It wasn’t until finishing this album that I could truly feel at peace with that chapter in my life." - Tourist via. Noisey

Throw your headphones on and press play. Imagine going for a jog through the forest; the brisk, pine-scented air floating still as you run past. The crunch of broken branches on the forest floor whipping up behind as you dash under the cover of the coniferous canopy. Feeling free and unshackled from life's daily drawl, you keep running as far as you can go. Now watch the music video to Run below and immerse yourself in the tune's jaunty and infectious energy!

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