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Premiere | Track: Exhale | Artist: Union Sky


Crafted out of nostalgic falsetto, sweeping synth patterns, and whimsical songwriting, Florida trio Union Sky mix a feelgood blend of 90's synth-pop over modern indietronica to create their latest single Exhale.

Union Sky are one of those bands who pour every bit of talent into their work. Be it dedication, emotion, or agreeable craftsmanship, the indie pop ensemble ensure their listeners experience every feeling placed into each beat. Composed of Matthew Kerley (Vocals), Steel Strader (Keys/Guitar), & Cory Moore (Drums), Union Sky stay true to a sound quite popular in today's pop music realm, holding their motto "We Are Us" as a salute to the classic sound they produce.

Officially premiered today, about five months after the release of their debut EP Champagne, Exhale breathes new life into the bands unique sound. The track opens with a rock synth progression which quickly builds into a roar of percussive textures and vocals reminiscent of 90's boy-band harmony. Kerley's euphoric lyrics soar high above the instrumentals, giving the track an atmospheric and almost cosmic appeal. While we have little information regarding a new EP in the works, you can bet that the trio are working diligently to deliver something massive coming soon!

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