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Track: Emotions | Artist: A-Minor


Can you feel the summer air on its way? We sure can, and with A-Minor's latest house track using vocal cuts from Destiny's Child's tune Emotion, it's about to get even warmer!

Signed to Ministry of Sound and Spinnin' Records with a long list of collaborations, remixes, and singles under his belt, London producer, songwriter, and classical pianist A-Minor has been diligently evolving his sound in the shadows in preparation for his next official single. Some of you might recognize the name for his debut release Thinking Bout The Things, which amassed hype across the web with support from BBC Radio 1, as well as countless music blogs and Youtube channels. It's been time since we last heard from A-Minor and his latest beat Emotions is a welcome offering to The Beatforest's diverse collection.

Coated in a balmy marimba rub that dips into swaying arpeggios and atmospheric vocal cuts, Emotions plays into a dreamy soundscape that will carry you away before the verse even hits. Anything Destiny's Child is good in our books and Emotions is a perfect salute to the R&B group's soulful groove. Peep A-Minor's social spots below, crank your speakers, and get ready for the hottest beach anthem of 2016!

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