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Track: In Gold (Sorrow Remix) | Artist: Submotion Orchestra


Performed by the live electronica band Submotion Orchestra, In Gold is a truly 'golden' masterpiece. Based out of Bristol, DJ/Producer Sorrow transforms the tune from a downtempo beauty into a driving UK garage banger in his latest rework of the Leeds-based ensemble.

In an electronic music scene saturated with auto-sync DJs, it's always refreshing to hear a band recreating the sounds of a pre-produced electronica track in a live setting. Submotion Orchestra do just that, as the hit-making ensemble mesh traditional band instruments (keyboard, drums, bass, and percussion) with an array of beautiful vocals, trumpet, and electronic textures. The group's most recent album, Colour Theory (available for purchase here) is an incredibly stunning release and showcases the major talent present among Submotion Orchestra's members. The album's most popular tune, In Gold, was recently re-released on an eight track remix album; though all the tracks are solid, Sorrow's upbeat remix really gets us moving. Filled with syncopated garage rhythms and incredible sound design blended with the vocals and synths of the original, Sorrow works undeniable magic on this stunning remix.

"Submotion Orchestra make some of the most interesting and exciting music from the UK today: A kaleidoscope of electronic bass music, entrancing vocals, ambient, jazz and dub that sits somewhere on an axis between Bonobo and London Grammar."

We are loving In Gold in both its original and remixed form. Be sure to give the original by Submotion Orchestra a listen in the video below before grooving to Sorrow's remix in the Soundcloud player above. Purchase the In Gold remix album online here and follow these talented artists at their socials for tons more celestial music in the making!

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