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Track: Get Up, Dig In, Good Luck ft. Dawn Mitschele | Artist: 9 Theory


Sublime from start to finish, 9 Theory's latest single Get Up, Dig In, Good Luck takes us on a journey that highlights ambient house at its finest. Featuring Radiohead-like vocals from singer-songwriter Dawn Mitschele, this San Diego team-up lulls us into a dreamy soundscape you don't want to miss!

Reminiscent of Australian producer ellogram, 9 Theory (aka. Gabe Lehner) is unveiling a fresh new sound with his latest release. Get Up, Dig In, Good Luck is the fourth track from the artist's upcoming EP Beautiful Things, a much-anticipated release since Lehner's 2014 debut, guest-heavy album Against The Odds Of Entropy. Breaking past the downtempo, hip-hop elements of his previous work, Lehner places more of an emphasis on affective songwriting to truly speak to the audience through his music. While the track is not the first collaboration we've heard from Mitschele and 9 Theory (see At Home In The Dark & To See It Clear), it is undoubtedly their most ethereal and uptempo production to date.

From the start, Get Up, Dig In, Good Luck reels its listener in through a two and a half minute intro filled with haunting crescendo and heavenly vocal-percussive textures. Once the breakdown hits, you'll find yourself bobbing along to the buoyant, piano-infused melodies, ultimately leaving the listener on a crisp trip-hop progression sure to satisfy that classic 9 Theory craving.

Check out both artists at their social spots below and be sure to keep an eye out for 9 Theory's 6-track Beautiful Things EP dropping soon!

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