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Track: Weave | Artist: Koronis


Since its inaugural 2015 launch by German pianist and composer Nils Frahm, Piano Day has become an international celebration of piano performers, composers, builders, tuners, and enthusiasts. Piano Day 2016 took place on March 28th this year, and though we're a little late in acknowledging this special event, TBF is now joining the celebration by sharing an absolutely stunning and inspiring piano and electronica piece titled Weave by New Zealand pianist Koronis.

Posting Weave as a free download on Piano Day 2016, Koronis commented that the release is "a skeletal piano piece supported by electronics and strings that create a lonely mood." From the first note, Weave is a minimal, yet brilliant piece containing a mystical and meditative soundscape. Koronis takes us on an ambient journey by weaving a simple, yet powerful piano melody together with distant strings and floating electronic pads and textures.

Let Koronis' beautiful composition Weave envelop your ears, mind, and imagination and carry you far away. Be sure to listen to the piece with headphones for the full experience in the Soundcloud player above and download the tune for free while you're at it. Support Koronis at the socials below to hear plenty more impressive music from this talented artist. Oh, and Happy Belated Piano Day 2016!

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