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Track: E.O.T.G. | Artist: Plymouth


Wrestling with a case of the Mondays? Step into the disco world of E.O.T.G. from French multi-instrumentalist Plymouth and treat every symptom with a dose of cinematic indie pop delight!

As the brainchild of Sebastien Christie, a Los Angeles via. Virginia-based musician whose influence lies in the late 70's to early 80's new wave movement, Plymouth delivers straight up groovy tunes on his debut EP Plymouth I. Composed of three tracks each with their own unique panache, the release finds Christie utilizing an arsenal of beatpads, synths, guitar riffs, and bass to mesmerize his audience. Whether it's the alt-rock rhythms of Cape Town, or the indie-pop sensations of Castle In The Sky, Plymouth focuses his efforts on the dynamic orchestration of each tune which translates into a profoundly conceptual piece of music.

"I wanted to create a series of observations on human nature from the perspective of nature itself, manifested in the form of Plymouth the radiobot, touching on mortality, attachment, desire, and ambition."

A favourite from the release, E.O.T.G. reminisces of synth-pop legends Lovespeake. With a guitar-driven arrangement soaked in percussive textures and rhythmic lyrics, the entire track is one feel good beat after another. I wholeheartedly recommend listening to the entire EP below as it is the first in a series of projects coming to your speakers this year!

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