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"You’re my first fall, twenty thousand feet tall," sings Allie McDonald of EXES. The Los-Angeles based duo recently released twentythousand, a bittersweet love song filled with emotional lyrics, a dreamy soundscape, and haunting melodies.

EXES is Allie McDonald and Mike Derenzo. The two met at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles while studying communications. Having pursued music independently in their teens, the duo began collaborating just for fun. "After writing a number of songs and growing sonically together, we decided to make a project out of it" says Allie. Since then, EXES has continued to develop their sound into something truly unique and special.

"As a songwriter, I feel like these songs have become our own personal way to medicate—to collect all the feelings and thoughts in our heads and make sense of them. And I think in a way, because our hearts are so exposed and honest in our lyrics and sound, our music has become relatable to other people who, like us, are forever stuck daydreaming."

As part of their 2016 endeavor to release one new track a month, EXES presents April's twentythousand, an irresistible "song about falling [in love] for the first time." Far from your generic love song, twentythousand is an emotionally deep tune, both in its powerful lyrical content and masterfully crafted soundscape. We've totally fallen for EXES (and Allie's stunning voice!) and can't wait to hear more music from this creative duo in the near future!

Be sure to listen to twentythousand in the Soundcloud player above and follow EXES on their socials to stay-up-to-date with their upcoming monthly track releases.


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