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Track: Blow | Artist: Nadia Nair


Versatility is a trait to be admired in today's musical climate. Whether the artist draws influence from multiple genres or designs a melody that speaks to raw emotion or pure rhythm, being versatile has the ability to attract different audiences in unconventional ways. As the third official single from Nadia Nair, Blow demonstrates just how adaptable the Swedish warbler truly is.

We first found Nadia Nair through her breathtaking, affective track Something, Something, Something, which quickly amassed hype across the blogosphere for the minimal-poetic elements resonating throughout. Followed by her second single Dear Brother, Nair is now ready to unleash a kaleidoscope of empowerment with her forthcoming debut album Beautiful Poetry. Each single thus far has featured an intoxicating blend of narrative, vocally-deep textures that encompass every aspect of the half Swedish, half Malaysian-Indian songstress. Loaded with smoldering harmony, fervent soul, and always an ounce of bass with every release, Nair's ability to reel in her listeners continues with her latest single Blow.

"As Nair describes, ‘it’s about letting go with passion – smoke it out,’ and it’s this intoxicated feeling that gives “Blow” a vulnerable nature, one through which Nair attempts to push her introverted thoughts onto someone else."

Embracing an asiatic hue of tabla-infused pop, Blow breaks past the previous singles with an uptempo array of danceable melodies and soaring vocal riffs. The track is untouchably anthemic and inspiring; the perfect tune to announce the vocalist's arrival to the festival circuit this coming summer. Peep the tune in the Soundcloud player above and be sure to watch Nadia Nair's social spaces below for Beautiful Poetry dropping soon!

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