• Oliver

Track: You | Artist: Dolo Jones


Recall the dog days of summer where house music permeates every nook and cranny of your outdoor lifestyle? Allow Manchester producer Dolo Jones knock you back into the heat with his sizzling house anthem You!

I could listen to this track on repeat until summer's arrival. Right off the bat, You captures what every deep house jam aspires to deliver: rolling bass, shuffling chromatic chords, and soulful, 'Damon C. Scott-like' vocals. Acting as singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around dance wizard on the track, Jones allows us to fully immerse ourselves in his style through every facet of his sound. He explains You as a "future-funk affair with islands of sparse piano and vocals"; an infectious mix of lyrics and melodies that emphasize being hooked on the object of your desire without any semblance of control. Check out Dolo Jones' socials below and stay tuned for mixes and videos to accompany You dropping on April 15th!

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