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Track: Owning The Night | Artist: Noy


Unleashing her stripe of soul-wrenching vocals that transcend modern alt-pop of the visceral variety, NY singer-songwriter Noy is about to win over your Friday afternoon with her debut single Owning the Night.

Imagine if Godwolf & MSMR had a baby and named her Noy. That's how you'll know this songstress isn't here to mess around. You might recognize Noy from her past collaboration with Boylord featured on The Beatforest a while back. While the two worked in concert without flaw, it was only a matter of time until we saw the New York vocalist shine with her very own original mix. Deep, sonorous, and unquestionably tenacious, Owning the Night serves up audibly perfect textures to carry you away and float into the weekend.

"While growing up in Israel she began to witness the powerful magic of music and instantly became drawn to its universal quality of bringing people together. Just as music has done for her, she wishes to inspire and open doors within the minds of her listeners."

Rife with synth work and smoky timbre thrumming in the backend, the single is an excellent representation of just how dedicated and promising Noy is to the pop music market. Be sure to check out the singer's socials below and learn more about Noy through her interview with HUNTFORGOLD below!

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