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Track: Seasons | Artist: AWAS


Think Nashville is all about country music? Think again. Nashville-based electro-pop duo AWAS introduce TBF to smooth trip-hop and soulful vibes in their new single Seasons.

AWAS consists of lead songwriter and vocalist Ariel Hill accompanied by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Danny Melonz. The duo recently dropped Seasons following a successful release of their debut single Flavorz. Both tunes reveal the many 'flavorz' of this up-and-coming duo, as AWAS provide listeners with a genuine and innovative sound that is simply irresistible. In Seasons, Hill's alluring vocals flow naturally among a rich soundscape of R&B and trip-hop textures. It's rare to have a new band "come right out the gate" with such a polished and mature sound, yet this is exactly what AWAS has achieved in this release.

"The pair take a unique approach to their sound mixing in bits of hip hop, acid jazz, flipped samples, R&B melodies, and soulful vocals."

Listen to and download Seasons for free in the Soundcloud player above and enjoy some beautifully composed Nashvillian electro-pop in the process. In anticipation of their debut EP release, follow AWAS on their socials and stay up-to-date on upcoming album announcements in the mean time.


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