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Track: Anchor (Argentum Remix) | Artist: Novo Amor


"I hear your ship is coming in, your tears a sea for me to swim... Anchor up to me, love," sings Novo Amor. Music doesn't get much better than this - Novo Amor's acoustic original is remixed by Philadelphia-based duo Argentum in a downtempo masterpiece called Anchor.

Hailing from Wales, Novo Amor (aka. Ali Lacey) is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer whose music flows with a distinctly original sound. His tranquil voice; simple, yet engaging harmonies; and poetic lyrics truly distinguish this Welsh composer as "one-of-a-kind." In Anchor, peaceful vibrations flow gracefully from Novo Amor's guitar and voice, transcending listeners to a poetic and imaginative soundscape. Novo Amor certainly knows how to affect his listeners emotionally while leaving them pondering his melancholic and haunting lyricism.

Following its success as an acoustic single (listen to the original below), Anchor was recently remixed by Argentum (aka. Aaron Giaco and Sam Stead); a tropical and deep house duo based in Pennsylvania. Appropriately released exclusively by Only Feels, the remixed rendition of Anchor is a tune that will capture your heart and imagination. Listen to and download Argentum's remix in the Soundcloud player above and immerse yourself in Novo Amor's acoustic soundscape.

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