• Oliver

Track: Feeling | Artist: DEAMN


Where did DEAMN come from and why is every song so damn good?! Appearing shortly after his debut EP Praise, the US producer has dropped a fresh tropical offering onto the blogosphere called Feeling that is, you guessed it, laden with deep house feels.

Emerging from a location unbeknownst to the rest of the world, DEAMN is piloting his own ship of deep, euphoric house music. The producer is branded with a black & white slew of cover artwork featuring ambivalent style akin to J. Biebs; a fashion-forward aesthetic that complements his music quite nicely. Loaded with explosive coastal rhythms and marimba-infused bass beats, Feeling places us smack dab in the middle of summer, ready to ride that next wave of smooth tropical goodness straight to the beach. The new single was dropped hot on the trail of DEAMN's debut EP; a six-track, incredibly well produced morsel of house that had us begging for more. Be sure to check out DEAMN's social spots below and prepare yourself for future releases by purchasing the Praise EP at iTunes here!


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