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Track: The Jewel (SOLON Remix) | Artist: VAANI


While in the process of completing her debut solo album, singer, songwriter, and yogi VAANI unexpectedly died from cancer in late 2015. Following this sad event, fellow yogi and collaborating producer SOLON received VAANI's works-in-progress; recently releasing his own remix of VAANI's unfinished single The Jewel, a meditative and emotional mantra-pop song.

VAANI (aka. Jo Mall Kahn) is a solo songwriter, yogi, philanthropist, and one half of Edo & Jo, a mantra duo she formed with her husband. Edo & Jo toured for six years while performing at sold out yoga festivals and spiritual events with the likes of Deepak Chopra and Deva Premal. Following their success, Jo began writing her own solo material under a new alias: VAANI. VAANI's debut release was a collaboration with SOLON (listen to the The First Ray), an English electronic music producer based in Sydney. Sadly, her plans to release a complete solo album were cut short by her sudden death.

Following VAANI's passing, SOLON received a visit from VAANI's husband. "Jo's husband Edo left me with a few of her unfinished tracks before he went to India to take some time out after she passed away," says SOLON. "When I heard the rough draft of The Jewel something clicked - I knew I could help - I knew I could bring to life what was captured in the memory bytes of her laptop."


Flowing with positive vibrations, The Jewel features VAANI's uplifting vocals supported by harmonies from Edo and is sung in both English and Sanskrit - a sacred language associated with Hinduism and Buddhism. VAANI sings "Om Mani Padme Hum," a Sanskrit mantra meaning "the Jewel in the Lotus". The meaning of this powerful mantra is discussed further in the following article: the meaning of Om Mani Padme Hum.

"The message of the song is simple: at the heart of all of us lies something unique, something special, something that each of us has to share. Life is about finding it and realizing it. Jo embodied this approach to life. She spent her last six years sharing what she had to share - with no doubt, no hesitation - just full commitment. The Jewel captures that spirit in which she lived. She was and continues to be an inspiration."

Listen, donate, & download SOLON's remix of The Jewel in the Soundcloud player at the top of this post. All donations go directly to A Sound Life, an organization that "brings free music and yoga to those in need" and was co-founded by Jo and Edo (learn more about this wonderful organization here). Purchase The Jewel and enter into a mystical soundscape with VAANI and SOLON.


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