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Track: Foolin' Around | Artist: French Horn Rebellion


'Next Jack Swing' pioneers French Horn Rebellion have dropped a fresh new music video in complement to the title-track from their latest EP Foolin' Around. Warping back in time via board game mind control, a retro ladies night soon shifts from innocent to risqué with loads of infectious dancing from start to finish!

Like a Talking Heads anthem perfected with modern fanfare, French Horn Rebellion expertly craft their breed of danceable nu-disco groove in Foolin' Around. Hailing from the borough of Brooklyn, NY, FHR consist of Robert and David Perlick-Molinari. The brotherly duo are known for breaking crowds all over the world; touring with the likes of MGMT & Yelle, and having a blast while doing so. As their first all-original release since 2010, the brothers are transporting us back to a different era cushioned with heavy basslines, exultant vocals, and fresh to death synth work.

"French Horn Rebellion is all about breaking down whatever perceived boundaries there may be in your life. For us, French horn on dance beats or in the case of this video, just being a badass mom pulling off insane dance moves, or indulging your beanie baby fantasies! We’re envious of those who get to see it for the first time."

FHR describe the new video as "a not-so-subtle reminder to escape the mundaneness of adulthood and never forget the foolin’ around of your glory days." Let your freak flag fly by Foolin' Around in the music video below and be sure to follow FHR at their socials for more great beats and a stellar remix EP ft. That's Nice, LEFTI, & more!

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