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Track: No Way | Artist: Left.


Australia is currently abuzz with independent musicians popping up all over the island nation. Capturing our attention with Mura Masa similarities, Sydney electronic duo Left. are causing mayhem across the Australian charts with their liberating anthem No Way.

Collaborating with producer Adit (from hip-hop duo Horrorshow), vocalist Sarah Corry and guitarist Jono Graham form Left. Normally associated with cinematic, downtempo electronica, the pair's latest release No Way ensures the listener is jamming out while staying consent conscious. Playing into the 'swerve-hop' genre championed by fellow Aussie's Godwolf and British producer Mura Masa, Left. are bridging the gap between dance music and self-empowerment. No Way was released as the duo's "response to ongoing and increasing domestic and sexual violence cases against women in Australia," carrying a strong message while forging ahead of the current electro-pop game altogether.

(Photo credit: Cole Bennetts)

With a magnetism that soars high above any pop group in the field today, Corry & Graham transport us to an alternate present where respect is the new standard. Corry's powerful vocals paired with staccato synth, massive depth, and unforgettable groove make No Way one of our favourite tunes of 2016 so far.

"The queen of this song is Lady Justice, a symbol of hope that all wrongs will be made right."

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